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Expos: Vuelo, luego existo. Diana Coca


Hours of Casal Solleric in Palma de Mallorca

CASAL SOLLERIC, PALMA (planta Principal) Passeig del Born, 27, 07012 Palma,
Phone: 971 72 96 04

Vuelo, luego existo. Diana Coca
Curated by Mercedes Estarellas

28 de octubre de 2021 - 23 de enero de 2022

In the artist's words:
This journey is not a search for a fixed identity, but first-hand confirmation, in the flesh, thatidentity is a construct in constant transition. This motion allows me to take a step back and toobserve my own prejudices, inherited norms and unshakeable beliefs from a critical distance inorder to question them: unlearning and de-structuring myself in order to restructure myself from adifferent place, in transitional movement, far removed from conventional notions of borders,countries, gender, race, class or identity, to finally evolve into a being made up of multiple layers. Inthis form of artistic production, the occurrence that I present and represent is very close to life,like a living body that influences and is influenced. Hence, it becomes more difficult to identify artand beauty, challenging those who speculate about art but not about what goes on inside theartist.

Mercedes Estarellas

Hours Casal Solleric of Palma de Mallorca
Tuesday to Saturday
11 to 14h and from 15.30 to 20.30 h
Sundays and holidays from 11 14,30
Closed Mondays

Price: Free!

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