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11 from 11 a.m. to 7:30 a.m.

Pl. Almoina s/n Plaça de la Seu s/n 07001 PALMA DE MALLORCA
Phone: 971 71 31 33

Festivity of San Martín, on November 11 there is a unique light phenomenon in the Cathedral of Mallorca: La Fiesta de la Luz. During this day, the #light of the sun crosses the # major rosette and projects its reflection to the facade wall, under the rosette of the Portal Mayor. In this way, a double rosette is formed, one of glass and the other of light, producing a light game full of colors.

At 07:30 hours we will open the doors of the Seu so that everyone who wants to can access!

Free entry (limited capacity)

Access will be made through the Almoina Portal.

Price: Free entry (limited capacity).

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